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Welcome guild members of Olympus to our official website, it is still Under construction So forgive us.
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Introduce Yourself

GodofLightning, Jan 2, 11 7:48 PM.
Hello Guild members, nows the time to share stuff about you so we know you better, there is a link in the forums, what MMO's have you played? Have you Played RoM before and on what server? share what gaming knowledge you have with games so far. Goto this forum page

Merry Christmas Olympus!

GodofLightning, Dec 24, 10 4:10 PM.
Merry Christmas guildies, I hope you got what you want and I hope your having a great Christmas and a happy new year! 

If Your are inactive for...

GodofLightning, Dec 21, 10 10:50 PM.
Whatever reason whether its a holiday, working or just having time from RoM send me Poseidon (Guildleader) or Maxwellsmart a message either on the site or ingame.

Thankyou, Poseidon


maxws, Dec 19, 10 7:26 AM.
Guildies i'm proud to announce that Santa will be in... So there for if you are goin on holidays just let my self maxws or GodofLighting an mail just to let us know on when and on how long that way you wont get booted from guild..... So marry Christmas and & awesome New Year :)

Guild Contest Winner

GodofLightning, Dec 18, 10 8:31 AM.
We had a guild contest for who ever gets and donates the most guild resources (wood, ore and herbs) wins a permanent mount of their choice! I was happy today to give that Mount to Nessa as she collected over 7000 resource value points for the guild! She has now been ranked up to a full Officer (Captain). Unfortunately she wanted to pass the mount on to Annabelle which I was happy to do, but give Nessa a very big 'Congratulations'! 
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current voice chat is GSC go to voice then search olympus created by godoflighting all u need is a mic and you are good to go it is free so just the download of GSC.
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